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Despite the name, digital transformation is a wholistic approach that involves people, process and technology to ensure an organisation takes advantage of the opportunity that technology presents.

DWS Group Digital Transformation services involves combining a customer centric, “outside in” view, with business goals, the “inside out” view, together with a pragmatic assessment of what is achievable, feasible and relevant.

Once strategies are defined, plans are then formulated to operationalise and drive benefit. Value is extracted across the end to end business chain through providing a better customer experience, driving productivity and leveraging technology, creating a culture of innovation and innovation and ensuring you are structured for success.

CX Customer Experience & Service Design

Experience Design, or Service Design, looks at all touch points people have across the end to end lifecycle of dealing with your business. Perception of a brand is heavily influenced by the sum of all interactions so the risk of not looking holistically across all interactions is that excellent experiences can be offset by less than optimal interactions that may not have been considered.

Touch points include all interactions across technology, web and apps, in-store, call centre, marketing & other communications across sales, service and beyond to uncover opportunities to reduce duplication, streamline process and define a consistent omni channel experience.

Digital / Technology Strategy

A digital ecosystem designed for scalability, supporting marketing and sales, as well as driving business productivity, will likely integrate systems such as your CRM, Marketing Automation / Email Marketing, Inventory Management, eCommerce & your core ERP, extending well beyond your website and apps.

Through our combined capability, DWS Group is well positioned to assist in the selection and implementation of an appropriate solution. Whether this involves your existing systems, utilising cloud based components, or a combination of platforms, we can ensure your business is well placed to gain a competitive edge.

Employee Experience & Change Management

Traditional change management is often implemented late in a project timeline. The DWS Group has developed a unique approach to incorporate Change Management activities right from the start of a project. We also utilise a design thinking based approach to look at your employee experience (EX), the Employee Journey, and deliver artefacts such as Journey Maps and Personas, much like we would deliver for your CX Customer Experience, but with an internally looking lens towards your employees. In Change Management methodologies such as ADKAR, “Desire” is the key attribute to driving engagement and having people embrace change. Through our human centred approach, we ensure that your business will have the tools to successfully drive change within your business.

Organisational Design

Once a well developed strategy is in place, that has taken into account desirability, feasibility and viability factors, to ensure benefit is realised, a business needs to be set up to maximise the value. This ensures that teams are working together effectively, duplication is eliminated & a collaborative & engaged culture that fosters innovation and accountability is defined. By assisting in effective organisational design, we can ensure that your business is set up to be the best it can be.

Transformation Delivery

DWS Group cross functional teams can ensure your transformation is delivered from a 360 degree perspective. A typical transformation delivery team would incorporate Program & Project Management, Technology Architecture, Development & Testing, Research, UX, UI & Design, as well as Process and Change related teams working in agile based streams to bring your strategy to life.