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Address digital challenges faster with VoltMX

Low-code development is transforming the landscape of software creation, offering a streamlined approach that empowers both seasoned and citizen developers.

HCL Volt MX is the industry-leading low-code application development platform for building unified digital experiences across all channels with consumer-grade UX for mission critical applications.

With HCL Volt MX, leverage the low-code technology to accelerate application development processes and bring innovative solutions to market faster.

One Platform for All Your Needs

New solutions with low complexity

From business to IT, HCL Volt MX provides a unified development experience that accelerate app delivery by more than 60%:

  • Single code base for any experience – build once deploy everywhere
  • Progressive web apps and native mobile apps —across any device, even wearables and kiosks
  • No user experience limits at any scale or complexity
  • Integration with no limits
  • Unified development experience for professional and citizen developers

Volt MX Benefits

  • Rapidly Prototype Ideas: Volt MX enables quick prototyping of ideas into functional applications without extensive coding.
  • Scale Development Efforts: With a visual development interface and pre-built templates, Volt MX empowers organisations to scale their development efforts efficiently, even with limited technical resources.
  • Reduce Time to Market: Volt MX combines the speed and ease of low-code development with enterprise backend services and integration capabilities, resulting in faster app development and 80% reduction in code.
  • Modernize Legacy Applications: Evolve, extend, and even replace existing apps with reduced time, complexity, and cost by avoiding full rewrites and disjointed off-the-shelf solutions.