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Inefficient business processes lead to waste, sub-optimal performance, and a drain on already scarce resources. The DWS Group can help your business “lift the covers” and identify better ways to operate through business process improvement, increasing productivity and reducing cost.

In addition, we can also help your business plot out growth strategies to increase market share, diversify into new offerings or new markets, and help your business transformation activities.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the process of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. We are involved holistically whether it be software-systems development, process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

Our Business Analysis capability underpins many of the other DWS Group capabilities and our BA’s have been engaged across a plethora of major clients and industries.

Consultants within the DWS Group Business Analysis Practice are certified with industry leading qualifications such as CBAP, Agile, SAFE & Six Sigma, to name a few.

Process Optimisation

Optimising – or even transforming – an organisation’s business processes and workflows can deliver substantial recurring benefits, if done well. Process Optimisation makes training more effective, identifies areas for improvement and assists in transformation activities as operational tasks are documented and can easily be reviewed and targeted for improvement or automation.

Change Management & Organisational Design

To successfully implement technology and/or business process improvement and change, it is critical that the organisation is first ready to accept that change. DWS can help you plan for and execute Change Management to maximise the beneficial impacts of changes to the business.

We utilise methodologies such as Six Sigma, ADKAR, PROSCI, Lewins, Kubler-Ross and Lean to deliver traditional change management programs and also have our own Human Centred Change Management Employee Experience (EX ) program to help drive effective change and engagement within your organisation.

Strategy & Advisory

In today’s world, organisations often grapple with the challenge of defining where they are as a business, where they want to go, and how they will get there. At DWS, we assist our clients in clearly defining an end state vision, via business process improvement strategies. We create Strategic Roadmaps to success that are flexible to accommodate any changes that necessitates adjustment across Business, Technology and Customer Experiences. DWS also has a small “niche” pool of consultants who help clients undergo Mergers and Acquisitions. With emphasis on the Due Diligence processes, Integration Planning, Integration Execution and post-Merger Go-Live reviews our team can help you achieve full optimisation of the targeted synergies.


An organisation’s size is not always a strength; it can mask inefficiencies. DWS Group has experience in a vast array of Productivity initiatives from Enterprise wide transformations down to targeted, small scale business process improvement initiatives, typically focussing on sustainable, cost-out delivery, using various methodologies including Lean and Six Sigma.

Procurement Optimisation

DWS have worked with numerous clients seeking to optimise their Procurement function and deliver sustainable benefits to their spend with third parties through improved strategies, structures, processes, tools and relationship management.