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The DWS Group offers a broad range of business technology consulting services, ranging from provision of individual technology-skilled resources right through to the end-to-end delivery of large Technology Solutions and Managed Services.

Development & Systems Integration

Development is where DWS started and remains core to our strength today. As part of our business technology consulting, we have strong capability across the most widely used programming languages such as .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and utilise most major frameworks, including modern, web based technologies such as React, Vue.js, Node and Angular. We can take accountability for delivery of an outcome, or provide highly skilled individuals or teams to deliver under your guidance and work as part of your team.

We have a long history of designing, delivering & maintaining technology ecosystems to some of Australia’s largest businesses and all levels of Government across core business systems, CRM & Digital. We have the depth of knowledge, experience and scale to ensure you are operationally productive, engaging your customers and driving engagement.


Our Enterprise and Solution Architecture Practice can help you chart a strategic course across the technology, application and infrastructure domains. Utilising industry recognised methodologies in business technology consulting, our Architects are highly experienced and carry certifications such as TOGAF, as well as specialised accreditations from the biggest names in technology such as AWS, Microsoft, Oracle & Salesforce.

We have an impressive track record in the design of enterprise infrastructure, bespoke applications, “off the shelf” systems and their customisations, integrating technology stacks, together with cloud based SAAS, IAAS, PAAS solutions.


We can work with your organisation to attain a new level of delivery effectiveness through the implementation of DevOps practices. Built upon the pillars of Continuous integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Organisations are increasingly needing to build an effective pipeline to automate their build, integration and testing processes.

Our DevOps practice can help synergise your Development and Operations teams to work closely together to define all the handover points from coding to production, introducing automation tools to remove manual handling, and formalise accountabilities for each element of the process.

With a DevOps approach, we can help your organisation significantly reduce time to market, reduce cost and improve quality.

Managed Services

With DWS’ Managed Application Services (MAS), we take responsibility for the operational uptime of your application, whilst providing a vehicle for effective management of trouble tickets and application enhancements.

We have managed many systems over the years – including long-standing arrangements with Federal, State and Local Government.

An MAS arrangement allows your organisation to reduce risk and focus on the operation of your business, moving the risk of system downtime & maintenance to a partner that guarantees your service levels remain high.

Enterprise Testing

Our Enterprise Testing Services practice (ETS) provides a “one stop shop” for delivery of Testing Services.

Under an ETS arrangement, the specialised DWS test team takes responsibility for planning and execution of a broad range of testing (typically everything post unit test) and then gets measured on a series of pre-defined KPIs and SLAs to confirm quality and testing service metrics are being met.

The team can also assist in the formulation and implementation of automation to reduce manual testing required for deployment which reduces costs, reduces business critical system down time and improves time to market for new versions of your software.