SuperFriend CX | DWS

SuperFriend focuses on creating mentally healthy workplaces to reduce the incidence of suicide and the impact of mental illness.

SuperFriend engaged Symplicit to guide its project team through a design thinking process to help bring their “Wellbeing Works” program and its value proposition to market.

Pivotal to this exploratory project, Symplicit worked alongside the SuperFriend team to help build its capability, competence and confidence in the application of the human centred design methodology to help them tackle similar projects in the future using the same approach.


What we did

A research program was developed for implementation by the SuperFriend team. To support SuperFriend, Symplicit coached & trained team members in Interview Techniques, Clue Capture, Interview Guide development, Synthesis and Insight Generation.

To validate insights, and explore different product options and value propositions, Symplicit ran a Codesign Workshop, in which a number of options were created, which formed the roadmap for a number of different product initiatives. Symplicit coached the team on different ideation methods, which resulted in an initial concept ready for prototyping. We also mentored the SuperFriend team in different validation methods for prototype development.

The outcome

An extensive roadmap was created, with focus on the development and validation of the first minimum viable product outlined in the roadmap.

As a result of this project, Symplicit were engaged again to develop a prototype for further testing and validation, with the aim to launch the product in early December 2018.