Chubb Core Insurance Platform | DWS

The Chubb Group of Insurance companies operates in 54 countries, with approximately 30,000 employees worldwide and is the largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer.

With an objective of offering superior insurance products to the market, Chubb Australia (“CHUBB”) recognised an opportunity to gain significant business benefits through a new core insurance platform; one that would provide a flexible, responsive foundation for policy administration and underwriting workflow automation for key product offerings.


CHUBB engaged DWS to recover a flagging in-flight project. DWS was further engaged to build a service-oriented architecture platform to allow CHUBB to invest incrementally in adding and improving business functionality.  The engagement was a major undertaking involving co-ordination across multiple countries, with a core team of DWS personnel working closely with CHUBB Executives, IT, and Business representatives. DWS worked hand-in-hand with CHUBB to develop the solution and to progressively roll the solution out over multiple releases throughout 2017 and in to 2018.

The benefits that CHUBB has been able to derive from the successful completion of this project include:

•  Delivery of a modern, sophisticated underwriting platform

•  Improved business efficiencies achieved via high levels of automation across business processes

•  Improved operational reporting & status tracking capability

•  Direct business-to-business (B2B) integration with their broker systems.


The DWS-CHUBB relationship is based on a foundation of effective delivery performance and trust, and continues to grow in partnership with the engagement model evolving around our respective organisational strengths.